Music Shops in Derby

Find the best places in Derby to buy music equipment.

We are often asked by our singing students which local music shops they should check out in Derby - well have we got a list for you.

Here at Singing Lessons Derby we love a great music shop, we have drawn together a list of what we consider are the best local guitar stores suiting all sizes of budgets and levels of a guitarist. So in no order...

Rattle & Drum Music

Rattle & Drum Music located at 77-79 Osmaston Road, DE1 2JH is a fantastic music shop packed full of guitar, vocal and drum equipment catering for all budgets and levels. The former Sound Control chain has been replaced with a new and impressive shop that boasts a huge array of new and pre-owned equipment ideal for local musicians to check out. Capable of satisfying all your daily needs as a vocalist Rattle & Drum Music should be your first port of call for all things music.

Foulds Music

Foulds Music established way back in 1893 has survived two world wars and multiple depressions is still going strong - a testament to this great music shop. Located at 20 Irongate, DE1 3GA, the shop is packed full of music equipment suiting all sizes of budgets with lower end PA systems right up to some really nice professional models. The staff are more than happy to advise and are extremely knowledgeable on all things musical - don't be afraid to ask them, they are a wealth of knowledge. One of the best music shops we have in Derby.

Neville Brothers Musical Instruments

Neville Brothers Musical Instruments opened in 1982 run by brothers David and Phil provide a fantastic guitar repair service, perhaps the best in the city, in their independently ran music store, for all you guitarist-singers out there. With some great guitar equipment and deep knowledge of all things guitar the brothers' shop is certainly worth visiting out at 91 Station Rd, Mickleover, DE3 9FP. Stocking some great Jackson, Tanglewood and Vintage guitars the shop caters for all ends of the market, with fantastic customer service & care. Great shop!

Bakewell Music Shop

Bakewell Music Shop is a fantastic old style music shop that really is the heart of the Derby music scene. Encompassing everything that is great about passionate musicians the Bakewell Music Shop, located on Water Street, DE45 1EW is certainly worth visiting. Boasting a good range of electric and acoustic guitars, as well as all your daily plect, string and other guitar needs, this excellent independent music store is exactly the kind of music store we love here at Singing Lessons Derby.


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