Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Derby

Derby has a great selection of studios to support its ever growing live music scene.

Here at Singing Lessons Derby we really encourage our singing students to form bands and start gigging. It is a great experience and something that all young musicians should aim to do at some stage, yet it is no easy task.

Finding members, somewhere to practise and write songs - let alone record them - is tough at the best of times so we thought we would help you along by compiling a list of the best places to rehearse or record your first EP if you are a local band. So in no order...

The Snug Recording

The Snug Recording was established in 2006 by Robin Newman and Richard Collins after the two bought out The Hive recording studio, based on the same site, and completely refurbished the interior to make it the first class studio it is today. Perfectly named the studio is an incredibly relaxing place to record within, with state of the art recording equipment and the steady had of Robin or Richard you are in safe hands. Rentable for just £22 per hour, or £19 if you have an NUS card, the studio is an ideal place to record your first EP. Snug Recording also offers rehearsal space rentable for just £7 per hour with a PA as standard, this ridiculously good rate should be one you most certainly make use of. Located at 44a Agard Street, DE1 1DZ Snug Recording is one of the best studios Derby has to offer.

Abbey Lane Recording Studio

Abbey Lane Recording Studio is one of Derby's most popular rehearsal studios with rooms rentable for as little as £9 per hour with PA systems included as standard. Established in 2002 Abbey Lane Recording Studios are located at Unit 3A, Darley, Abbey Mills, DE22 1DZ is open 365 days a year between 10.00 & 23.00 - with regulars getting free storage space. Abbey Lane also provides a recording service at £25 per hour or if you want to record your practice £80 for the session. Great rehearsal studios well worth using if you are a local band.

Haynes Music Productions

Haynes Music Productions offers something quite different, music production for solo artists. Ben Hayes is one of Derby's best music producer and works with you to record all the instruments around your demo voice and guitar track - taking a demo to polished single. It is really something you just have to listen to on their website as the proof is in the tracks that they have produced.

Dubrek Studios

Dubrek studios is a new studio located on 6 Becket St, Derby DE1 1HT. It caters to all local bands as well as having its own record label and puts on regular events every month. As well as recording, they also provide reheasal space for those bands who need a practice space.

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